FAA2.C Address (ADDR ADFF) : 04 Participant Address - Overview : C Temporary Out of State Requirements
Temporary Out of State Requirements
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
An NA participant may temporarily reside outside of the state and still retain Arizona residency. There is no specific time-limit on how long the participant may be out of state and retain Arizona residency. The participant must intend to return to Arizona when the reason for their absence is completed. When the NA participant is temporarily out of state, they must meet all the following requirements:
They may not establish residency in the other state.
The participant must intend to return to Arizona when the reason for the absence is completed.
The participant may not receive benefits from the other state.
When a participant reports that all participants in the NA budgetary unit are temporarily out of state, redetermine residency. When the participant states they are still Arizona residents, complete the following:
Document the reason the budgetary unit is temporarily out of state and when the budgetary unit anticipates returning.
Determine whether the budgetary unit continues to meet Arizona residency requirements. (See Arizona Residency)
When Arizona residency requirements are met, inform the participant that while receiving NA in Arizona, they are not eligible to receive NA benefits in another state.
When the budgetary unit is no longer receiving mail at the address of record, complete the following:
Ask for an address where their mail will be delivered to within Arizona. Mail cannot be delivered out of state.
Ask for the name of the individual who will receive their mail. Update ADDR including the individual’s name preceded by C/O in the ATTENTION field.
Advise the participant to report the address change to the U.S. Postal Service.
Accept the participant’s statement that they intend to return to Arizona. Verification is not required unless it is questionable. Document the case file(g) with the reason for the temporary absence and the participant’s statement of their intent to return to Arizona.
When the budgetary unit no longer meets Arizona residency requirements, close the case allowing for NOAA. (See Change of Address – Out of State)
For CA when the budgetary unit is temporarily residing out of state for more than 30 consecutive days, close the case allowing for NOAA.