FAA2.L Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Sex (SSDO) : 05 Elderly or Disabled NA Participants : B Special Considerations for NA Participants who are Elderly or have a Disability
Special Considerations for NA Participants who are Elderly or have a Disability
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
NA participants who are elderly or have a disability receive special considerations when budgeting and determining eligibility for their NA case unless they are disqualified for any reason.
Cases including a participant who is elderly or has a disability are identified by AZTECS as a special case in the following ways:
AZTECS recognizes elderly participants by their date of birth.
AZTECS recognizes a participant with a disability when a Y is keyed in the DS FS field on SSDO.
AZTECS recognizes a participant with a disability when SI is keyed in the income type field on UNIN.
A special case displays SP (special) in the FS TYPE field on CAP2 in AZTECS. This ensures that AZTECS applies special rules for the case, such as calculating the budget and setting the NA approval period. Elderly participants may participate as a separate NA case when they have a disability that prevents them from purchasing and preparing food separately from other participants in their home. (See Separate NA Case Status)
NA participants who are either elderly or have a disability, receive the following considerations:
A deduction for medical expenses when their medical expenses are more than $35 per month.
NOTE When the NA case includes multiple participants, who are elderly or have a disability, the $35 disregard is for the NA case, not each participant. Average recurring medical expenses.
A deduction for the entire amount of their excess shelter expenses. Their NA case has no maximum shelter limit. (See Shelter and Utility Allowance)
They are not subject to the Gross Income Standard.
NOTE Separate NA budgetary units, who live with participants that are elderly with a disability who are unable to buy and cook food alone, are subject to the Elderly or Disabled Gross Income Standard at 165% of Poverty Level. (See Optional NA Participants)
They are exempt from work registration. (See NA Work Requirement Exemptions)
Elderly participants may be eligible to receive NA under a group living arrangement when living in federally subsidized housing(g) for the elderly.
Participants with a disability may be eligible when living under a group living arrangement (GLA).
NOTE An approval period of 24 months is assigned when all participants in the budgetary unit meet the elderly or NA disability criteria.
When documenting excess medical expenses, include enough detail so that a reviewer can determine the reasonability and accuracy of the calculated expenses. Documentation includes the following examples:
The participant or participants who are entitled to the medical expense
Date and type of verification requested
Verification and source of the medical expense
The reason the expense is not allowable or found questionable
Any portion of a medical expense covered by a reimbursement
The time period the expense is averaged over
Non-receipt of any requested verification