Social Security Enumeration
(07/01/07 - 09/30/07)
The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers the Social Security enumeration process. SSA issues the Social Security Card (SSA‑3000) as official verification of the Social Security Number (SSN).
FAA is authorized to use a participant's SSN in the administration of CA, NA, and State Public Assistance programs. The SSN is used to access records of wages and benefits.
Social Security cards have been issued since 1936, and have been revised more than 20 times. Revisions to the Social Security card, as well as added security features, often go unnoticed by counterfeiters. (See SSN Verification to assist in identifying invalid Social Security cards)
A participant's SSN is used for the following purposes:
Determining the amount of CA and NA benefits participants have received
Establishing and enforcing child support and medical support orders
Pursuing collection of any CA or NA overpayment, resulting from receipt of benefits to which the budgetary unit was not entitled
Preventing duplicate participation in a program
When a participant has legally changed his or her identity due to violence or abuse and is known to AZTECS under a former identity, see Identity Change - Violence or Abuse. For all other legal identity changes, see CLMA.
Always key the participant's actual SSN when known.
When the participant does not have, or does not know, their SSN, they are registered using one of the following assigned numbers:
When a participant in an NA budgetary unit that meets NA Basic categorical eligibility requirements does not have, or does not know, their SSN, key the NA application date in the SS5 field.