Seasonal Farm Workers - NA
Consider a participant a seasonal farm worker when the following conditions are met:
The participant is employed in agricultural work of a temporary nature.
The participant is not required to be away overnight from their permanent place of residence.
The participant is employed doing one of the following:
On a farm or ranch, the participant performs work related to planting, cultivating, or harvesting. This includes loading trucks in the field and all farming activities normally required to plant, harvest, or produce.
The participant performs canning, packing, ginning, seed conditioning and related research or processing operations. The participant is transported to or from work by a day haul operation.
Consider migrant farm workers as seasonal farm workers when both of the following apply:
They are in the work stream.
They are in their home project area.
Consider the budgetary unit a seasonal farm worker budgetary unit when any participant is engaged in seasonal farm labor during the approval period.
Determine whether a seasonal farm worker budgetary unit is destitute only at initial approval. (See Destitute Budgetary Units)
Exempt seasonal farm workers from NA work requirements when they meet one of the following criteria:
They are in the work stream.
They are under contract to begin work within 30 calendar days.