SSN Verification
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
When the participant has provided a Social Security number (SSN), FAA obtains verification of the participant’s SSN through the State Verification Exchange System (SVES). (See WTPI for additional policy)
In Aztecs one of the following codes displays in the VR field on CLIS or CLPR for SSN verification:
I - Invalid SSN (See Unverified SSN)
R - SSN Verification Requested
V - SSN Verified
X - Participant Reported as Deceased
In HEAplus, one of the following displays in the Verification section of the State Online Query Internet (SOLQI) Response Data Summary screen:
SSN is verified
SSN is not verified
SSN requirements are met when the R or V code displays on CLIS or CLPR or when “SSN is verified” displays on SOLQI. The participant is not required to provide verification of their SSN when either of the previous codes displays.
Do not request additional SSN enumeration verification from the participant when both of the following occurs:
SVES shows the SSN is invalid
The participant is in the process of legally changing their identity due to violence or abuse