SSN Requirements
(12/01/13 - 01/31/14)
All participants in the CA, NA, or State Public Assistance programs (or a combination of programs) must apply for or provide a Social Security Number (SSN).
Social Security enumeration is not required when the participant Is a nonqualified noncitizen.
NOTE This includes an undocumented noncitizen(g)
Social Security enumeration requirements are considered met when the participant provides any of the following:
A valid Social Security Number
Do not request additional SSN enumeration verification from the participant when both of the following occurs:
The State Verification Exchange System identifies that the SSN is invalid by displaying an I in the VR field on CLIS or CLPR
The participant is in the process of legally changing their identity due to violence or abuse
Receipt for Application For a Social Security Number (SSA‑5028) form
Notice to Third Party of Social Security Number Assignment (SSA‑7028) form
SSN Verification Printout
Message From Social Security (SSA‑2853) form
The SSA‑2853 is provided as proof of participation in the Enumeration at Birth Project, which allows a parent to apply for a baby's SSN while the baby is still in the hospital. The SSA‑2853 must be signed and dated by a hospital official. Key the date of the SSA‑2853 as the SS‑5 date. (See Follow Up on SSN Application)
Accept an SSA‑2853 signed by a licensed midwife. Key the date the licensed midwife signed the SSA‑2853 as the SS‑5 date.
Place a copy of the SSA‑2853 in the case file(g).
Hospital Record of Birth form and Proof of Birth form
These forms are acceptable when the birth information is transmitted electronically to Vital Statistics. The forms must be signed and dated by the Birth Registrar. The form must include the following information:
The child's name
The child's date of birth
The parent's name
A statement that an application for an SSN has been filed for the child
At the time of approval or add on, do not wait to add a baby to either CA or NA when the budgetary unit is unable to provide or fails to provide one of the following:
Proof of application for an SSN (SSA‑5028, SSA‑7028, SSA‑2853, or SSN Verification Printout)
NOTE When the budgetary unit refuses to provide an SSN or proof of application for an SSN, see refusal to comply with SSN. An SSN or proof of application for an SSN may be delayed until the later of the following:
The next renewal.
Six months from the date of birth.
Refugees who have a Social Security card marked with "Valid For Work Only With INS Authorization."