SSN Noncompliance – Unable to Comply
When it is established that a budgetary unit is unable to cooperate, do not stop benefits. Refer the participant to the Social Security Administration.
The PI may report that they are unable to provide the requested verification within the ten day period, or not at all. When this occurs, complete the following steps:
Document the reason in the case file(g).
Offer assistance in getting the information.
When the participant does not provide a receipt of application from SSA, key DI in the PT field on SEPA for the participant for whom Social Security Number (SSN) requirements have not been met. (See SSN requirement for newborns when the participant for whom SSN requirements have not been met is a newborn)
NOTE When an NA participant claims good cause for noncompliance with SSN requirements, see SSN Noncompliance - NA Good Cause.
Key SS in the INELIG RSN field on SEPA for all participants for whom SSN requirements have not been met.