SSI Pure Applications
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
SSA staff may take an SSI new or renewal application over the telephone. An NA application may be taken at the same time when all participants receive SSI. This is considered a PURE SSI application.
SSA staff completes the interview and application. The application is then mailed to the participant to sign and return to either SSA or FAA. SSA sends any NA applications it receives to FAA.
Register the application. The date of application is the date the SSA office receives the application. Prorate benefits for the first month from this date.
A resident of a public institution may apply for SSI and NA before release from the institution. When this occurs, the date of application is the date of release from the institution.
Participants may be eligible for expedited service. (See NA Expedites) When this occurs, complete the eligibility determination so NA benefits are available by the seventh calendar day after the date of application.
Basic categorical eligibility requirements apply to these participants. Participants applying for SSI and NA at the SSA office are exempt from work requirements and until the participant is determined to be either of the following:
Eligible for SSI. The exemption from work requirements continues.
Ineligible for SSI.
NOTE At this time, determine work participation status. (See WORW for work requirements and exemptions)