SSA Responsibilities
SSA staff accepts and helps complete the application when a participant requests NA at the same time they apply for SSI.
Both of the following conditions must be met:
The participant states they are not receiving NA, or they have recently received a notice of expiration (NOE).
The participant states they do not have a pending NA application.
SSA is not responsible for determining NA eligibility.
A participant may appear to be eligible for expedited NA benefits. SSA may tell them they may receive their NA earlier when they apply at an FAA office.
SSA staff conducts the interview and completes the following procedures:
Sends the NA application, and all original verification provided by the participant, to the correct FAA office. The application is sent within one workday(g) after the NA application is completed.
NOTE Verification may include SSNs and SSA or SSI amounts when this information is available on the day of the interview.
Makes collateral contacts that are required for the SSI interview. This information is documented on the SSA Transmittal for FS Application (SSA-4233) when the contacts are made during the interview.
Tells the participants that FAA may contact them for more information. SSA does not request that the participant send more verification to the FAA office.
The participant is told not to return to the SSA office to bring verification that relates only to the NA application. SSA's responsibility to get verification of NA eligibility factors ends when the application is sent to FAA.
The participant may return to the SSA office with verification after the interview but before the application is sent to FAA. When this occurs, SSA completes the following:
Has the participant write any additional information or changes on the NA application.
Attaches a copy of the verification submitted or notes the verification on the transmittal form.
Sends the applications to the correct FAA local office based on the participant's Zip Code.
after the application has been sent to FAA, sends any verification brought in to SSA with a transmittal form to the appropriate FAA local office.
When two different FAA local offices serve a Zip Code, SSA forwards the application to the office nearest to the participant's home.
When the participant is institutionalized, SSA staff follows the procedures in Institutionalized NA SSI.