FAA2.A Verification and Cooperation : 04 Resolving Questionable or Unclear Information
Resolving Questionable or Unclear Information
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Consider all circumstances when deciding whether information is questionable or unclear.
Verify information that is questionable or unclear when it affects eligibility or benefit level. Document the case file(g) to explain the reason the information is considered questionable or unclear.
Questionable and unclear verification must be resolved prior to determining benefits.
The appropriate information request notice, requesting verification necessary to resolve the discrepancy must be sent.
Give the participant ten calendar days to provide the verification. (See Verification process) One of the following is completed, as appropriate:
Determine eligibility when the additional information is received. (See Determining Eligibility) Document the verification used to resolve the issue.
Information may continue to be unclear, questionable, or not provided within the required verification time frames. When this occurs, deny the application or stop benefits allowing for NOAA. Use the Denial or Closure Reason Code appropriate to the information that was unclear, questionable, or not provided.
When requested verification for Nutrition Assistance (NA) is not provided, send the NA Denial/Closure (F200) notice. List all of the requested verification that was not provided.
Do not list verification items in the F200 that meet any of the following:
Were already provided
Were obtained through a collateral contact
Were not included in any verification request related to the application that is being denied
(For budgeting procedures, see Budgeting Expenses Overview)