Residents of an Institution
(01/01/22 – 12/31/22)
Consider participants residents of an institution(g) when the facility they reside in meets both of the following requirements:
Provides the majority of their meals (over 50% of three meals daily) as part of the institution's normal services.
Is not authorized to accept NA benefits.
Only residents of the following institutions are potentially eligible to participate in the NA program:
The Policy Support Team (PST) maintains a list of all institutions, that have been reviewed for eligibility.
When a participant resides in an institution listed as eligible on the PST Institution List (for internal use only), the participant is potentially eligible for NA benefits.
When a participant resides in an ineligible institution, they are not qualified to participate in the NA program. Deny or stop NA using the RI Denial Closure Reason Code.
When a participant resides in an institution which is not listed, or information is received that indicates the listed information is outdated or incorrect, see Maintaining Institutions.
NOTE Only facilities which meet the definition of an institution must be elevated to PST for review.
Incarcerated participants are considered to be residing in jail. When an applicant or participant resides in a jail, deny or stop NA benefits using the RJ Denial or Closure Reason Code.