Residents of Approved Domestic Violence Shelters
(01/01/21 - 12/31/21)
Prior to approving a participant who resides in a domestic violence shelter, staff must ensure the shelter is listed as approved on the PST Institution List (for internal use only). The Policy Support Team (PST) determines when the shelter meets all qualification requirements for domestic violence shelters. (See Qualification Requirements)
Determine eligibility for each resident family as a separate budgetary unit from other residents.
Residents may choose to have an employee of the shelter as an NA representative.
The following apply to residents who have received benefits in a budgetary unit with a participant who abused the resident:
The resident can receive benefits for the same month in both budgetary units when they are otherwise eligible. Key the SH participation code on SEPA.
The resident may receive benefits in both budgetary units only one time in any given month.
All NA eligibility procedures apply to shelter residents, with the following exceptions:
Count only the income received by the participant after they entered the shelter.
Consider a resource inaccessible when any of the following apply:
The resource is jointly owned with a participant from the former budgetary unit that contains the abusive person.
Access to the resource depends upon the agreement of a joint owner who still resides in the former budgetary unit household or the abusive person themselves. (See Inaccessible Resources)
When a participant notifies FAA of their change of residence to a shelter, complete the following:
Promptly change the participant's address on ADDR.
Change the participant's address to the shelter's PO Box. When the shelter does not have a PO Box, use the FAA office which serves the zip code of the shelter as the participant's mailing or residential address.
Key Y in the CONFIDENTIAL field on ADDR.
Change the Participation Code on SEPA. (See Participation Codes)
NOTE Key the address displayed on the ACP ID card for an Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) participant, when applicable.
When it is discovered that a participant other than the PI has moved to a shelter, complete the following:
Take prompt action to effect the change in the former budgetary unit's circumstances. (See Removing a Participant)
Reduce the former budgetary unit's benefit amount allowing for NOAA.
Send the appropriate notice within processing time frames. (See Change Notices)