FAA2.A Verification and Cooperation : 06 Required Documentation : B Required Documentation – Visually Viewed Verification
Required Documentation – Visually Viewed Verification
(01/01/21 –12/31/21)
When verification is visually viewed, the following information must be documented in the case file(g):
The title or type of verification (e.g., pay stubs, rent receipt, mobile phone text receipt, etc.)
The names and contact information from the verification.
The date the verification was issued.
Applicable information from the document.
NOTE For income verification, include pay period ending date, date paid, gross amount of income, rate of pay, hours worked, etc.
The signature, Security Key (D0/V0), or Personal Control Number (PCN) of the viewer.
The date the document was viewed.
Key the VV Verification Code in the verification field when verification is visually viewed.
When an OnBase document is used to verify information, document the following information:
The case number where the document was printed or visually viewed
The Document Type
The Document Handle number