Relationship Verification Sources
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
Documents used to verify relationship include, but are not limited to, the following:
Completed Acknowledgement of Paternity (CS-127) forms
Adoption records
AHCCCS Deemed Newborn Reports (CR600)
Artificial insemination records
Baptismal records (when issued prior to age five)
Bio Data Sheets provided by refugees
Bureau of Vital Statistics records
Census records
Certificates of Indian Blood (CIB)
Certified birth certificates
Correspondences (letters, email, etc.) from an individual to the child, or to others about the child, referring to the child as the individual's own
Court orders for Kinship Foster Care
Court records
Church records including statement from priest, etc.
Dependency hearing or proceeding court documents for Legal Permanent Guardianship (LPG)
Genetic testing results
Hospital or public records of birth
Insurance policies
Juvenile court records
Marriage licenses and abstract Marriage Certificates
Military records
Minute entries for Kinship Foster Care
Navajo Nation Marital Status and Family Profiles
Outpatient care records maintained by a hospital, clinic, or doctor
Paternity records
Records maintained by the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)
Records maintained by the Department of Child Safety (DCS)
Verification of School Attendance (FAA-0075A) form
School records
Completed Tribal Records Request (FAA-0061A) form
Collateral contact verification may be used to verify relationship between an unwed minor parent (UMP) and either of the following when documented verification cannot be obtained:
Participant statement verification may be used to verify relationship between an UMP and an NPCR or LG when all of the following apply:
Documented and collateral contact verification cannot be obtained
The NPCR or LG is not requesting CA for themselves
The NPCR or LG is not requesting to be the CA payee