Questionable Arizona Residency
(04/01/10 –06/30/10)
An applicant may have just moved to Arizona or gives information that makes Arizona residency questionable(g). When this occurs, the intent to remain must be resolved before approving CA benefits. Intent to remain in Arizona is not a requirement for NA benefits.
Resolve questionable Arizona residency on a case-by-case basis. Questionable information regarding residency includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Driver's license or identification card from another state or country.
Owning or maintaining a home outside of Arizona.
The PI's spouse or children are residing in another state or country.
Maintaining financial accounts in a financial institution outside of Arizona.
Working in Arizona, but no verification of Arizona residency.
Filing out-of-state tax returns.
Information provided during the application or change process is inconsistent.
Primary AZ Residency Verification is required to verify Arizona residency for each adult applicant.
When primary verification sources are not available, use Secondary AZ Residency Verification sources. Document thoroughly to support the use of secondary verification.
When denying or closing a case because the applicant does not meet Arizona residency requirements, document the case file(g) with all the actions taken.
When questionable circumstances are identified, resolve discrepancies prior to approval.
Documentation must support the eligibility decision.