PARIS Interstate Match Report
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
The Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) is a data service matching recipients of public assistance to check whether a participant has received duplicate benefits in two or more states. PARIS matches help identify improper payments.
A system file of active NA and CA participants is sent to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). DMDC matches active Arizona NA and CA cases against data from participating federal and state databases and provides this information to FAA.
FAA Systems generates the PARIS Interstate Match Report quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Participants whose data match all of the following criteria appear on the PARIS interstate Match Report:
Are currently receiving NA/CA program benefits in Arizona.
Both the Social Security Number and date of birth of the participant matches the other participating state’s data.
The other state’s NA/CA benefit start date is prior to the benefit start date in Arizona.
AZTECS sends the PARIS Closure (X273) to participants whose names appear on the PARIS Interstate Match Report. The notice is sent to the participant’s Arizona address and the out-of-state address, when known. The notice advises the participant of the following:
Program benefits will stop without further notice
Who to contact if they have questions
They can reapply at any time
Their appeal rights
The Research and Analysis (R&A) Unit is responsible for retrieving and processing the PARIS report. (See Reports Inventory)
R&A completes the following for each participant name listed on the PARIS Interstate Match Report to determine whether the participant is receiving duplicate benefits in another state:
Reviews the EBT purchasing activity for out-of-state spending. (See EBT Transaction History (EBTH) – Overview)
Reviews PMMIS and AZTECS to determine the status of the NA, CA, and MA programs
Reviews the case file(g) for the following:
Documentation supporting the reason for the PARIS match.
Any contact from the participant in response to the X273 notice.
When evidence in the case file supports Arizona residency, R&A documents the case file.
When there has been out of state EBT activity in the prior 30 days or there has been no contact from the participant in response to the X273, R&A completes the following:
An inquiry is sent to the other state to establish whether the participant is currently receiving out-of-state benefits and to obtain the participant’s address.
An Information Request (F011) notice is sent requesting living arrangements and proof of residency.
When the participant does not respond to the F011 R&A completes the following:
Any active program(s) is closed the first month possible. A closure notice is not required.
Documents the case file to support any actions taken.
When interacting with another state R&A will request the out of state usage information by emailing FAA EBT Support and copying the other state. The email must include the following:
Case name
Case number
Benefit months requested
When the requested information from the other state is received R&A uploads the information to OnBase.
When R&A determines that an overpayment (OP) exists for the state of Arizona an OP referral is completed and emailed to the Overpayment Unit. (See Overpayment Unit).