PARIS Interstate Match Report
(01/01/22 – 12/31/22)
The Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) is a data matching program between the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and State Public Assistance Agencies (SPAA). The purpose of this matching program is to identify Public Assistance (PA) recipients receiving PA benefits in one or more states. The PARIS data matches help identify improper payments and minimize fraud and abuse.
Quarterly each year, in March, June, September, and December, the following is completed:
The SPAA provides a file of all active NA and CA recipients to the DMDC.
DMDC completes and identifies matching demographic data between the files.
DMDC sends each SPAA a PARIS Interstate Match Report.
For the state of Arizona, PARIS matches the Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth of each adult in the budgetary unit against the participating SPAA files. When the demographic data matches and the other state’s NA or CA benefit start date is prior to the benefit start date in Arizona, the PARIS Interstate Match Report is created and sent to FAA Systems.
When FAA Systems receives the PARIS Interstate Match Report, a PARIS ACTS alert for each participant’s case listed on the report is generated. FAA Systems auto-populates CADO with the following information:
Date of the Job run.
Name of each adult participant for whom a match was found.
The last four digits of the participant’s SSN.
The state where the interstate match was found.
FAA staff are responsible for taking actions on the PARIS ACTS Alert. When the PARIS ACTS Alert is received, complete the following:
Review the case file(g) to determine whether information or documentation regarding Arizona residency and closure of the other state benefits has been addressed.
Contact the participant when the information is not addressed in the case file.
Discuss and clarify the reason for the match.
NOTE Discussion points may include review of the EBT purchasing activity for out-of-state spending. For instructions on how to access EBT transaction screens, see EBT Transaction History (EBTH) – Overview.
When unable to contact the participant by phone, the following apply:
Consider the information as unclear. (See Providing Verification for policies and procedures on unclear information.)
Send the PARIS Interstate Match (C042) notice and extend the ACTS alert to the workday(g) following the information due date.
When the participant responds to the C042, take the appropriate actions, and document the case file. When the participant reports a change, see Reporting Changes.
When the participant fails to respond to the C042 by the deadline date, stop benefits the first month possible, and send the PARIS Closure (C026) notice, allowing for NOAA(g).
NOTE For compliance before or after the date of closure, see When to Effect Changes.
Complete an inquiry to the other state to request the case status of each program for each participant indicated on CADO. For out of state contact information, see Public Assistance State Contacts.
When a potential overpayment (OP) exists, complete the Potential Overpayment (OP) Referral (FAA-0526A) form. Email the FAA-0526A to the Overpayment Unit at [email protected]. and upload the FAA-0526A to OnBase.
When EBT usage information is required from the other state, send an email to [email protected]. Include the case name and number, the time frame needed, and the name of the state.
NOTE When the other state requires EBT usage information, advise the out of state contact to send their request to the email address of [email protected].
Document all actions in the case file(g)