FAA2.K Identity and Citizenship (IDCI/NOCS) : 07 Noncitizen Status (NOCS) - Overview
Noncitizen Status (NOCS) - Overview
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
NOCS is accessed when any code other than US is keyed in the CI field on IDCI.
NOCS displays or allows keying of the following information for each noncitizen:
Type of USCIS document provided by the participant, when appropriate
USCIS Class of Admission Code held by the participant
Noncitizen status of the participant
Date the status was granted by USCIS
Date the status expires
Date the VIS was completed
Secondary VIS was requested
Participant is Sponsored
Participant is under 18 years of age
Participant has a permanent disability
Participant has 40 quarters of earnings
Participant has a military connection
NOTE When NOCS must be updated and current VIS verification information is not in the file, complete a VIS verification for all noncitizens, with USCIS documentation, included in the budgetary unit prior to approval.
When the noncitizen’s USCIS status changes, key the new information on the NOCS screen. AZTECS allows for more current USCIS status information to be keyed while permanently maintaining the previous information.
For a comprehensive list of COA codes see CLASS OF ADMISSION CODES under DISPLAY TABLE VALUES in AZTECS.
NOTE When the noncitizen becomes a U.S. citizen key the US citizenship code in the CI field on IDCI.