Noncitizen Overview
(01/01/22 –12/31/22)
A noncitizen is an individual who is not a U.S. citizen by birth or by naturalization. Noncitizens may be living in the U.S. under one of the following statuses:
Qualified status
Nonqualified status
Noncitizen status must be verified only at initial applications or when FAA is notified that the status of a participant has changed.
A noncitizen is determined qualified or nonqualified by the Status and Class of Admission (COA) code given by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
For a comprehensive list of COA codes see CLASS OF ADMISSION CODES under DISPLAY TABLE VALUES in AZTECS.
The NA and CA Noncitizen Script (FAA-1710A) form provides a uniform explanation that nonqualified noncitizens are not eligible for NA or CA benefits. The FAA-1710A is found in the Document Center. The NA and CA Noncitizen Script provides an explanation of when DES has the responsibility to report discovered violations of federal immigration law. The FAA-1710A must be read to the PI or authorized representative when an application includes a nonqualified noncitizen. The worker must document the case file(g) that the NA and CA Noncitizen Script is read to the PI or representative when any of the following apply:
The applicant does not have USCIS documents
The applicant does not want to provide noncitizen status
When processing an application or change, review the documentation in the case file. When no documentation is found that the FAA-1710A has been read to the PI, the FAA-1710A must be read to the PI or representative when any of the following apply:
When the new or renewal NA and CA interview is conducted
Any time during the application or determination process
When adding a nonqualified noncitizen participant to a case
When a change from qualified to nonqualified noncitizen status is reported
NOTE Applicants for whom an immigration status is declared and who meet the qualified noncitizen criteria are potentially eligible to receive NA and CA. The System Alien Verification for Entitlements/Verify Lawful Presence (SAVE/VLP) allows federal, state, and local agencies to verify an applicant’s immigration status or U.S. citizenship. The SAVE/VLP interface provides data through the Federal HUB in Health-e-Arizona PLUS.
Policy and procedures regarding noncitizens are outlined as follows: