NA Nonparticipants
(01/01/19 - 12/31/19)
Key the following individuals OU in the PT field on SEPA (they may be a separate NA case when otherwise eligible):
Nonrelated individuals or groups of people over 18 who normally live together but have a statement indicating they purchase and prepare food separately.
Related participants may have their own case when they provide a written statement that they purchase and prepare food separately. They also must not be mandatory NA participants.
Participants serving in the military who are stationed outside of Arizona.
A migrant farm worker spouse(g) may be out of the home following the crops. In this case, do not consider the spouse an NA case participant. The spouse may visit the budgetary unit and not be considered part of the budgetary unit so long as during the month of the visit, the spouse does not receive most of their meals from the NA budgetary unit.
Roomers who pay for a room from the other NA participants but not meals. (See Roomers - SEEI)
Live-in attendants who live with a NA participant to provide medical, housekeeping, child care or other similar services.
Students who do not meet the requirements of an eligible student for NA benefits. (See NA Student Criteria)
Unborn children
A participant is no longer considered a budgetary unit member when any of the following has occurred:
No longer lives with the NA budgetary unit
Moved out of the home of the budgetary unit
Has been out of the budgetary unit’s home for 30 consecutive days or more
Set up a home away from the budgetary unit
NOTE Determine whether the separate residency of an otherwise mandatory NA participant is questionable(g). (See Prudent Person Concept)
Participants who live away from home and receive more than half of their meals away from home.