NA Drug Disqualification Removal Requirements
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
When an NA participant has a disqualifying drug conviction, they may be able to receive benefits. The NA participant must agree to random drug testing by signing the Nutrition Assistance Drug Testing Agreement (FAA-1565A) form or the NA Drug Testing Agreement (F029) notice and meet one of the following requirements:
Is currently accepted for treatment in a substance abuse treatment program but on a waiting list. The person remains enrolled in the treatment program and enters the treatment program at the first available opportunity
Is currently accepted for treatment and is participating in a substance abuse treatment program
Has successfully completed a substance abuse treatment program after the offense in question
Is determined by a licensed medical provider to not need substance abuse treatment
When on probation, is following all terms of probation. This also applies when the probation associated with the drug conviction has been successfully completed
NOTE Parole is not considered one of the five requirements. Staff must explore another requirement for the participant to receive NA benefits
The date the requirement was met must be after the date of the offense.
Acceptable verification of meeting a requirement must be either a collateral contact or hard copy. A participant’s statement cannot be used. Document and upload the verification into the case file(g).
Acceptable forms of verification include, but are not limited to the following:
Court records indicating the participant completed or is following all terms of probation for the drug charge
Completed treatment certificates for the drug charge that display the date the treatment was completed
Letters from a probation officer
Letters from a medical provider
Letters from a drug treatment center that the participant is on a waiting list for treatment for the drug charge
When a participant with a disqualifying felony drug conviction signs the NA Drug Testing Agreement and meets one of the requirements the conviction is considered removed. Use the participation code IN on SEPA.
When a participant has met the requirements for an NA Drug Disqualification Removal but then commits and is convicted of another disqualifying drug felony, the NA Drug Disqualification Removal process must be met again.
When FD displays on PRAP see NA Drug Disqualification FD EXCEPT to allow the NA disqualified participant to receive benefits.
When conducting an interview, via phone or face-to-face, with a previously disqualified participant and they meet all NA Expedite criteria, postpone all verification including the NA Drug Testing Agreement.