FAA2.J Race/Residency/Ethnicity (RARE) : 06 NA Arizona Residency Requirements
NA Arizona Residency Requirements
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
NA applicants cannot participate in more than one NA budgetary unit per month.
The one budgetary unit per month requirement does not apply to a resident of a domestic violence emergency shelter when the person who abused them was included in the budgetary unit.
When the budgetary unit received benefits in another state within the last three months, verify that benefits have stopped in that state. (See Duplicate Participation)
When FAA receives information that the entire budgetary unit moved out of state and are no longer Arizona residents, stop benefits the first month after the month of the reported move. Key RS in the Denial Closure Reason field on FSED. No notice is required.
Specific policy and procedures apply to the following NA applicants: