Monitoring VIS Workloads
Verification Information System (VIS) users can monitor workloads and review the status of user's additional verification queries. The VIEW REPORTS screen allows a user to run several different reports.
NOTE The user can only view information in the reports that the user can view through the VIEW CASES screen.
To access any of the reports available to the VIS User, complete the following:
Click the VIEW REPORTS button in the REPORTS section of the navigational frame.
Click on the report name from the list.
NOTE A brief description of the report displays at the bottom of the selection box.
Click the NEXT button. The Report Parameter form displays.
Key the information for the requested report.
Click the RUN REPORT button. The Report displays on the screen.
The reports available to be viewed are as follows:
VIS Ad Hoc Report
The VIS user selects from specific criteria (case number, alien ID number, etc.) to specify what will be included in a case history report.
Month End Agency Transactions by User Summary Report
The User Summary Report displays the total number of billable transactions initiated by a user within an agency, program, or state, for a specified month and year. Billable transactions are the number of initial verifications, and additional verification requests initiated by the user.
Web Agency Audit Report
The Web Agency Audit Report displays summary level information for each case initiated by the user for the query criteria keyed by the user. The report includes the following:
Initial query date
Alien ID number
I-94 number
Last name
First name
Initial query response
Additional verification response
Denial or Closure Reason Code, when applicable
The total number of cases matching the query criteria keyed by the user is included on the report.