Mandatory CA Participants
(10/01/16 - 12/31/16)
Certain individuals living with a CA participant must be included in the CA budgetary unit when determining the CA benefit and eligibility. Key the IN Participation Code in the PT field on SEPA for mandatory CA participants.
A parent that does not live with their dependent child is a mandatory CA participant when the parent is only away from home due to active military duty.
All individuals within the caretaker relative(g)'s family(g) of the child for whom benefits are being requested, must be included in the CA needy family test.
The following are mandatory CA participants:
Dependent child
Natural or adoptive parent (including the legally presumed father) of the dependent child (See TPEP when both parents are in the home)
An adult only CA case can exist for a specified relative of children who meet any of the following:
Receive SSI
Receive Foster Care
Received CA in another budgetary unit within the month the parent requests CA
(See Participation Code Function for the Participation Code to assign the children)
A Legal Permanent Guardian (LPG) may apply for the child for whom they have been granted Legal Permanent Guardianship and the child's parent is in the home. When this occurs, the parent and any siblings not under the care of the LPG cannot participate in the LPG's CA budgetary unit but may have their own CA case. (See Example LPG)
Brothers and sisters of the dependent child, who meet both of the following conditions:
Full, half, natural, or adopted siblings. (See Adoption Subsidy - UNIN)
Siblings under age 19, and when 18, meet the CA student criteria.
All participants in SSI no pay status.
Key OU in the CA PT field for participants who meet one of the following:
Children that are not financially deprived of parental support and both parents are in the home.
Is a nonqualified noncitizen receiving child support.
Is absent from the home for a period of more than 180 consecutive days.
NOTE This does not include a parent that is only away from home due to active military duty.
Is related to the mandatory dependent child but is not a mandatory member of the assistance unit and for whom benefits are not being requested.
When a mandatory participant is disqualified from receiving CA, see Disqualified CA Participants for the applicable PT Code for SEPA.