Maintaining Institutions
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
To be added to the PST Institution List (for internal use only), institutions must be approved by the Policy Support Team (PST). When a participant resides in an institution not listed on the PST Institution List, staff must elevate a completed Request to Verify Eligibility of an Institution (FAA-1789A) form to PST via email by the end of the workday.
NOTE Only facilities which meet the definition of an institution(g) must be elevated to PST.
The institutions on the PST Institution List include the following:
Other facilities which provide a majority of meals
PST completes the following within ten workdays of receiving the request:
Determines whether the elevated institution meets the requirements to become an approved institution and can be added to the PST Institution List
Determines whether the participant in the institution is potentially eligible for NA benefits
Sends an email response to inform staff of the findings
It is the responsibility of the PST to make sure the institutions listed on the PST Institution List meet all qualification requirements.