FAA2.B Beginning the Interview : 01 Beginning the Interview - Overview : C Informing Participants of Important Information
Informing Participants of Important Information
(01/01/20 –12/31/20)
The Urgent Bulletin emailed 10/01/2021 informed staff that DES received an approval to implement the interview waiver effective with applications submitted on 10/01/2021 through 12/31/2021.
When conducting an interview, FAA must inform participants of their rights and responsibilities as listed on the application. Participants are informed of their rights and responsibilities in one of the following ways:
By FAA staff when completing an interview.
By the FAA IVR when calling to complete an interview.
NOTE Review the Rights and Responsibilities (FAA‑1573A) desk aid with the participant when the participant has not been informed of their rights and responsibilities by the FAA IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
During the interview, review and advise the participant of the following concerning the programs requested:
The Family Assistance Programs - What You Need to Know (PAF‑001‑B) booklet. The PAF‑001‑B includes information regarding the programs administered by the FAA.
A nonqualified noncitizen is not eligible for NA or CA benefits and that DES has the responsibility to report discovered violations of federal immigration law.
NOTE Read the Noncitizen Script aloud verbatim to the participant.
Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) requirements. (See Cooperation with Child Support Services)
12 Month State Benefit Limit (STBL) and 60-Month Lifetime Benefit Limit (LIBL) requirements. Review the CODC screen for each participant.
NOTE Provide a screen print of the CODC, upon request.
Benefit Issuance Dates.
Complaint Procedures. (See Appeals, Discrimination Complaint and General Complaint)
NOTE Advise the participant of the importance of reporting changes in their address to FAA and the U.S Postal Service.
FAA receives information through an interface(g) with another state or federal computer system.
The NA Work Registration script. The NA Work Registration script (FAA-1786A) must be read to the PI or representative at the interview.
Potential eligibility for NA Transitional Benefit Assistance (TBA) when a related CA case is closed.
The requirement to turn in child support and court-ordered medical support to DCSS. (See Benefit Cap and Unwed Minor Parent policies)
Document the case file(g) when additional information is reviewed with the participant.
Answer all questions the participants may have about benefits or programs. When necessary, elevate the questions to a supervisor. The supervisor will also elevate the question when necessary.