Imposing Tribal NEW Sanctions – Active Cases
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
To impose Tribal NEW graduated sanctions, complete the following:
Review NOHS for Tribal NEW noncompliance notices.
NOTE For notices mailed on or after 11/15/2022, view notice content in OnBase.
Review sanction history on PRAP and DISA.
Key the Sanction Reason Code in the SANC RSN column.
Key the effective month in the SANC BEGIN column.
Document thoroughly on the DISA DOC lines, and the case file(g).
AZTECS computes and enters the correct Graduated Sanction Number in the SANC NBR field. Complete the following:
Process the case through AFPD to authorize reduced benefits.
Proceed to FSAD to authorize NA benefits, as appropriate.
The following apply when imposing Tribal NEW sanctions:
Always impose the sanction for the first month possible, allowing for NOAA.
A delay in imposing a sanction does not cause an overpayment when the delay is for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
Allowing for NOAA.
Filing an Appeal.
Consider multiple sanctions that affect the same benefit month as one sanction month. (See NEW Cumulative Sanctions)