Good Cause - Emancipation
When an UMP is legally emancipated, all of the following must be met and verified when the UMP claims emancipation status for CA:
Lived apart from and has demonstrated financial independence from their natural or adoptive parent, an adult nonparent relative or legal guardian for at least 12 months prior to the application for CA.
When determining whether the UMP meets the emancipation criteria for the 12 months before the application, the adult nonparent relative is not required to be legally responsible for the UMP.
Did not receive CA in Arizona in the 12 months before the CA application.
Verification sources include, but are not limited to, the following:
Systems inquiry for CA
Lease agreements, rent receipts
Income tax forms
Statements from any of the following who have knowledge of the UMP's living and financial arrangement:
Legal guardian
Other persons
Document the case file(g) when the UMP meets all of the emancipation criteria for the prior 12 months.
Key E in the WERE EXPT RSN AF field on WERE.
Once approved, a reevaluation of emancipation is not completed unless a change occurs that affects the UMP's living arrangement. When an UMP resumes living with a natural or adoptive parent, an adult nonparent relative, or a legal guardian, they lose their emancipation exemption and a new CA eligibility determination must be completed.