Good Cause - Abuse
(12/01/13 – 01/31/14)
An Unwed Minor Parent (UMP) may claim abuse or neglect as a good cause reason for not residing with a parent, a legally responsible adult nonparent relative, or a legal guardian.
Complete the following procedures:
The UMP must complete and sign the Unwed Minor Parent Abuse/Neglect (FAA‑0259A) form.
NOTE Do not allow the claim of abuse or neglect as a good cause reason when the UMP refuses to sign the FAA‑0259A.
Key A in the WERE EXPT RSN AF field on WERE.
Approve CA and refer the case to the Department of Child Safety (DCS). FAX the FAA‑0259A using the Fax Cover Sheet (DES-1078A) located in the Document Center, to DCS. Include any other information or documentation (when available) to support the claim.
NOTE DCS investigates to determine whether the health or safety of the UMP or their child is at risk. In some instances, DCS may refer the investigation to Tribal Social Services or a Military Base.
The UMP remains eligible pending a decision from the investigation. The FAA‑0259A may be returned as one of the following:
When the FAA‑0259A states the claim is substantiated, the UMP and their children remain eligible. A new referral is not needed at any time in the future, even when the case is closed, and the UMP reapplies.
When the FAA‑0259A states the claim is undetermined then there is no clear-cut evidence to support or deny the claim. Treat the claim as substantiated.
When the FAA‑0259A states the claim is unsubstantiated then stop the UMP's CA benefits. Convert the CA eligibility to CA Supportive Services using the following time frames and keying procedures in AZTECS:
On NORE send the Claim of Abuse/Neglect Req. Not Met (A470) notice. The notice advises the UMP that DCS was not able to confirm the claim, and that their CA benefits are stopped after two additional months of CA.
Copy details on APEM and authorize the next two months on AFPD.
Change the Participation Code on SEPA effective the third month, from IN to UM for the UMP and children.
Remove the A Exemption Reason Code (indicating abuse or neglect) from the WERE EXPT RSN AF field on WERE.
Reauthorize the case for CA Supportive Services.
Do not refer unsubstantiated abuse or neglect claims for an overpayment.
When the UMP has new information supporting the unsubstantiated abuse or neglect claim, they must reapply for CA.
When all other CA eligibility criteria is met, proceed in the same manner as the new application by approving CA and referring to DCS.
When the original DCS finding is upheld, refer to the procedures in unsubstantiated claim to stop CA.