GLA Special Deductions
The GLA may charge the budgetary unit a residential fee to live in the GLA. Allow the fee as a shelter expense when determining shelter deductions for the budgetary unit.
There may be other expenses included in the residential fee. When identifiable, deduct the expenses from the balance allowed as the residential fee. Other expenses may include medical expenses. When allowable, use the medical expense as an expense deduction. (See Allowable Medical Expenses)
The GLA may charge a basic rate for room and board and a higher rate based on the amount of medical care needed. Consider the following:
Use the basic rate minus the NA maximum benefit for a one-person budgetary unit to establish the shelter expense. (See Thrifty Food Plan)
Use the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate as an allowable medical expense.
Do not allow a medical or shelter deduction when the expense amounts cannot be separately identified.
GLA NA participants may be in a group situation in which they pay rent and purchase and prepare their own meals. In this situation, the GLA waives the residential fee. Consider the amount of the billed rent as a shelter expense.
The residential fee may include an amount for meals, but the amount cannot be identified. Count only the amount of the total payment that exceeds the maximum NA benefit for one participant as a shelter expense.
More than one resident may apply as part of the same NA budgetary unit. Deduct the NA maximum benefit amount for one participant from the room and board payment of each resident.