GLA Eligibility Requirements
(01/01/20 –12/31/20)
To be eligible, a Group Living Arrangement (GLA) must meet one of the following criteria:
Certified by the appropriate State agency under section 1616(e) of the Social Security Act. The following agencies certify such facilities:
Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)
Department of Economic Security (DES) Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
Authorized by FNS to accept NA
GLAs may handle meals in the following ways:
Have meals prepared and served at the facility to the group residents.
Have meals prepared at the facility and delivered to the residents at the facility.
Have meals prepared individually by the resident to be eaten individually.
Have meals prepared by a group of residents to be eaten together.
NOTE When personalized meals are prepared and paid for with an individual participant’s NA benefits, the GLA must ensure that the resident’s NA benefits are used for the meals which are intended for that resident.