FAA Responsibilities
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
FAA completes the eligibility determination on NA joint applications taken at an SSA office.
On the day the application is received from SSA, FAA completes the following:
Registers the application in AZTECS. The application date is the date received at SSA.
Screens the application to determine whether the participant meets eligibility for expedited services.
Verifies that the participant does not have a pending application and is not receiving NA.
Once the application is screened, review all applications and transmittal forms to determine whether any additional verification is needed.
Contact the participant to obtain additional information or verification needed to complete the application when any of the following apply:
The application is incorrectly completed.
Mandatory verification is missing.
The information given is questionable(g) or inconsistent.
Request information or verification by one of the following:
Home visit
Allow the participant ten calendar days to provide additional information or verification. When the ten day period ends on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the following workday(g).
NOTE When the participant fails to provide verification, action may be taken on the day after the expiration of the 10 day notice.
FAA cannot require the participant, or others in the NA case to make an office visit or complete a second interview.
Follow expedited procedures when the participant meets the requirements for expedited NA benefits.
Upon NA approval, complete the following:
Contact the participant to explain change reporting requirements. (See Change Requirements)
Approve participants determined eligible under the SSI NA joint application procedures for 24 months.
When a case is at the wrong FAA office, transfer the case only after an eligibility decision has been made.
SSA offices in Arizona are not required to notify FAA when SSI participants are approved or denied for benefits. AZTECS generates an alert when SSI is approved.
SSI benefits may be verified by the State Verification Exchange System (SVES).