Eligibility Determinations of GLA Residents
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
Prior to certifying any GLA residents, the GLA must be listed as an approved institution on the PST Institution List (for internal use only). The Policy Support Team (PST) must verify that the GLA is authorized by FNS or is certified by the appropriate agency and verify that it is a nonprofit organization. When a GLA is not listed on the PST Institution List, see Maintaining Institutions.
Only GLA residents who meet the definition of blind or disabled are eligible for NA benefits. (See Disabled for NA)
Determine eligibility for residents of GLAs using the same eligibility criteria as other NA budgetary units. The GLA determines when a participant may apply on their own behalf. When making this decision, the GLA considers the following:
The physical and mental competence of the applicant.
The ability of the applicant to understand the application process and be responsible for their statements.
When applying for benefits, the GLA resident can apply for benefits one of the following ways:
The GLA serves as the NA representative for the resident.
The resident applies for benefits on their own behalf.
The resident applies for benefits using their own NA representative who is not employed by the GLA.
When the resident applies through the GLA’s authorized NA representative, the residents must apply as one-person budgetary unit. The GLA receives the benefits and spends it for food prepared by, or served to, the eligible residents.
When the GLA has determined a resident may apply on their own behalf, the resident may apply without the assistance of an NA representative as a one-person budgetary unit. The GLA residents may also apply as group of residents. A group of residents within a GLA may be a budgetary unit when they meet NA budgetary unit requirements. The GLA decides when a group of residents may apply as one NA budgetary unit. When GLA residents are approved as a group, any of the following may occur:
The NA benefits may be returned to the GLA to purchase food for meals consumed by these residents together or individually.
The residents may keep the benefits and use them to purchase meals supplied by the GLA. Residents may also purchase food with the NA benefits to prepare by themselves.
A resident, or group of residents, have all the responsibilities of any other budgetary units. This includes reporting changes and liability for any overpayments.