During the Interview
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
The FAA uses an interactive interview method called Key As You Go. As the participant answers questions during the interview, key information into the Health-e-Arizona PLUS (HEAplus) Interview pages and AZTECS screens at the same time.
The Key As You Go method is used in both face-to-face and telephone interviews.
There may be instances where the Technical Information Process System (TIPS) transfer(g) to AZTECS has not yet been transmitted. When this occurs complete the following:
Conduct the interview through HEAplus.
Run Eligibility in HEAplus and Disposition the application.
Register the application in AZTECS.
Key the HEAplus Application ID on APMA or RERE to prevent a TIPS transfer.
Key through the AZTECS Roadmap screens using the HEAplus Eligibility Application Summary.
During the interview, complete the following:
Document the case file(g) to support the actions taken. (For more information, see Required Documentation)
When the participant requests to add a program, see Additional Programs Requested During the Interview.
Ask the participant all questions in the HEAplus Interview Pages.
After keying all information obtained during the interview, Run Eligibility and Disposition the application.
Complete the AZTECS determination, when all eligibility factors have been verified.
Document the case file with permanent verification factors to eliminate the need to re-request verification again. This includes terminated employment and Office of Special Investigations (OSI) reports.
Do not request any verification items that meet one or more of the following:
Were already provided through hard copy or collateral contact.
HEAplus Verifications Status Page indicates verified
Were requested in an associated HEAplus application Request for Information (RFI).
When the need to complete a referral to the Department of Child Safety (DCS) or Adult Protective Services (APS) is evident (abuse or neglect), see DCS Hotline Phone Number or APS Hotline Phone number.