Deeming Sponsor Income and Resources
(10/01/11 - 12/31/11)
When a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) is sponsored, only the sponsor’s income must be deemed to the sponsored LPR, unless exempt or indigent.
NOTE When the sponsor lives with their spouse(g), the sponsor’s spouse’s income must also be deemed to the sponsored LPR.
The resources of the sponsor are countable toward the sponsored LPR. Request the income and resources of the sponsor. Count the sponsor’s total resources, minus $1500, toward the sponsored LPR.
For a listing of LPRs who are exempt from deeming and therefore are not required to provide their sponsor's information, including income, see determining whether to deem the sponsor’s income or resources.
To determine the amount of deemed income countable to the sponsored LPR, complete the following:
Determine the sponsor's (earned and unearned) gross monthly income.
Subtract 20% of the earned gross monthly income.
Determine the size of the sponsor's budgetary unit.
Subtract the gross income eligibility limit for the sponsor’s budgetary unit size.
The result is the portion of the sponsor's income that is considered available to the sponsored LPR.
Key this amount next to the sponsored LPR on UNIN using the AS Unearned Income code.
NOTE When the sponsor has signed more than one I-864 or I-864A, divide the resulting amount by the number of I-864 or I-864A signed by the sponsor. The remainder is the portion of the sponsor’s income that is considered available to each of the sponsored LPR. (See Examples Sponsored Lawful Permanent Resident 1 and Sponsored Lawful Permanent Resident 2)