Common Law Marriage
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
In some states, couples who live together are considered legally married even though no wedding ceremony was performed. Common law marriages are legal only in certain states. (See Common Law States (g) for a list of these states)
Participants that move to Arizona from another state may be considered married by common law when ALL of the following occurred in any common law state:
The participants reside together.
The participants are adults (18 years and older).
The participants are not legally married to another person at the same time.
The participants present themselves to the community as married. This may include, but is not limited to, using the same last name or filing a joint income tax return.
The participants express their intent to marry.
The participants established the common law relationship in accordance with time frames specified by the common law state.
Navajo tribal members may be considered married by common law.
Verify common law status when questionable(g).
When it is determined that a participant is considered married by common law in a common law state or on the Navajo reservation, FAA recognizes the common law relationship as married. This includes participants who were considered common law married prior to becoming Arizona residents and common law married Navajo tribal members who move off the Navajo reservation.