Collateral Contact Verification
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Collateral contacts are sources of verification received verbally from any of the following:
An agency
Individual qualified to have knowledge of the required information
Inform the PI that by signing the application, they have given the Family Assistance Administration permission to make collateral contacts.
The participant has the primary responsibility for providing verification of eligibility factors. When the participant requests assistance, the agency assists in obtaining the verification.
Document the case file(g) with the following:
The reason a collateral contact is used
The necessary verification information
Any attempts made to obtain a collateral contact
Document the case file with the reason a collateral contact is used, including all the necessary verification information. (See Documentation Requirements)
When the collateral contact is not acceptable or is unavailable, complete one or more of the following:
Request another collateral contact
Choose a collateral contact
Request another form of acceptable verification
Conduct a home visit
Key CC in the verification field when a collateral contact is the source of verification used.
Do not use collateral contacts to verify the following factors:
Noncitizenship Status (when declared)
Use participant statement verification when the attempt to obtain collateral contact verification may cause harm or undue hardship(g) for the participant. Document the case file with the reason the participant statement verification was accepted.