FAA2.K Identity and Citizenship (IDCI/NOCS) : 04 Citizenship Requirements
Citizenship Requirements
(04/01/10 –06/30/10)
The PI or representative must declare the citizenship of participants in the budgetary unit for whom benefits are requested. This must be completed at the following times:
New application
Renewal application
When adding a participant to an active case
Participants for whom U.S. citizenship status is declared and who meet the U.S. citizenship criteria are potentially eligible to receive NA and CA.
All U.S. citizens must provide documented proof of U.S. citizenship.
NOTE When the U.S. citizen participant is receiving SSI benefits the citizenship verification requirement is met for NA and CA.
Document CADO or the case file with information on the document used to verify U.S. citizenship for each participant.
When the NA, CA, or ST participant does not provide verification of their citizenship, key DI in the PT field on SEPA for the participant. Key HB in the INELIG RSN field on SEPA.
When all potentially eligible citizen participants fail to verify citizenship, deny the NA or CA application. Key HB in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED and FSED and send the appropriate notice.
When a participant is a noncitizen see Noncitizen Overview.