CA Participants Keyed as DI
(07/01/10 –09/30/10)
The following participants may not receive CA benefits due to a disqualification. Key DI in the PT field on SEPA for the following:
Participants who do not meet citizenship or qualified noncitizen status requirements.
Participants who are noncitizens and sponsored by a group or organization. (See CA Noncitizen Sponsored by Agency)
Participants who have not complied with SSN enumeration.
Participants, children or adults, fleeing to avoid prosecution, custody, or confinement after conviction of a felony or those violating a condition of probation or parole imposed by a federal or state law. The participants are ineligible for CA benefits as long as they are fleeing or violating a condition of probation or parole.
Participants on the jail cross match report that confirm or fail to respond to respond to the request for information notice.
Participants who voluntarily quit or reduced their work effort.
Participants, children or adults, who are convicted of a felony offense that has actual possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance as an element of the crime. The crime must have been committed and the participant convicted on or after August 23, 1996. (See Drug Conviction Disqualification)
Participants who do not comply with or pass the CA drug test requirements. This includes the following participants:
Those who do not provide a completed Illegal Drug Use Statement. (See Reasonable Cause for Drug Use)
Those who do not complete a drug test when it is required by FAA. (See Drug Test Referral)
Those who complete a drug test with positive results.