Budgeting Destitute Budgetary Units
When a farm worker budgetary unit is determined destitute, the following apply:
Always count the income of a destitute migrant or seasonal farm worker in the month it is received.
A farm worker budgetary unit may reapply after the case has been closed. Determine eligibility and benefit level counting only the income the farm worker budgetary unit received between the first of the month and the application date.
Do not count income for the application month that is received on or after the application date.
Determine a farm worker budgetary unit eligible for expedited services when its liquid resources are $100 or less.
A farm worker budgetary unit may apply for renewal within its current approval period. Complete the following to determine eligibility and benefit level for the first month of renewal:
Do not count any income from a new source that is received in the first month of the renewal. Do this when $25 or less is expected to be received from the new source within ten calendar days of the farm worker budgetary unit's normal issuance. (See NA Normal Issuance)
These budgetary units are ineligible for expedited services.