Approval Pending 40 Quarters of Coverage
(12/31/13 – 01/31/14)
The participant may be approved pending verification of 40 quarters of earnings from SSA in the following situations:
Fewer than 40 quarters of earnings display on QCIN.
The applicant disputes the information displayed on QCIN.
The applicant claims there are additional lag quarters of earnings not displayed on QCIN, and these additional quarters of earnings equal 40.
When undetermined quarters are indicated.
Refer the applicant to SSA to request a Correction of Earnings Record review and complete all of the following:
Consider the participant who provides the verification from SSA that indicates a review of earning has started, as a Qualified Noncitizen
When otherwise eligible, approve benefits for one of the following periods of time, whichever occurs earlier:
Six months from the date of SSA's initial response
Until SSA completes the review
Place a screen print of QCIN in the case file.