Additional VIS Queries
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
A DHS response to an Initial Verification Query may indicate an Additional Verification Query must be submitted.
When an Additional Verification Query is submitted, information keyed in the additional verification section of the CASE DETAIL screen transmits to a DHS field office. Immigration Status Verifiers (ISVs) search DHS systems to determine the immigration status, and responds in VIS. A VIS response may take up to 5 workdays(g) to complete the second step response. When a third step response is needed, a VIS response may take an additional 5 workdays.
Set an SV pre-defined ACTS Alert as a reminder to check VIS for a response. When a response has not been returned from VIS by the ACTS Alert due date, extend the SV ACTS alert an additional 10 calendar days.
NOTE VIS responses must be uploaded to OnBase.
Complete the following to submit an Additional Verification Query:
Key the following mandatory fields:
LAST NAME: Key the last name of the noncitizen in this field.
FIRST NAME: Key the first name of the noncitizen in this field.
DATE OF BIRTH: Key the date of birth of the noncitizen (MM/DD/YYYY – include the forward slashes) in this field.
DOCUMENT TYPE: Key the number of the immigration document. Click on the drop down menu to the right of the DOCUMENT TYPE field for a list of documents. To choose one of the listed documents, click on the document number.
When information is available, key the following optional fields:
MIDDLE INITIAL: Key the middle initial of the noncitizen.
A.K.A.: Key any aliases, nicknames, maiden name information, or other names the noncitizen is known by, in this field.
I-94 NUMBER: Key the document number annotated or indicated on the I-94.USER CASE NUMBER: Key the AZTECS case number in this field.
DOC. EXPIRATION DATE: Key the expiration date of the immigration document (MM/DD/YYYY - include the forward slashes) in this field.
DOC. DESCRIPTION: Key a description of the document when it is not listed in the drop down box for the DOCUMENT TYPE field.
SPECIAL COMMENTS: Key any additional information that may be used by the ISVs to determine the immigration status.
When citizenship documents are available, use the SCAN AND UPLOAD function to electronically submit the documents (front and back).
For policy and procedures regarding retrieving and interpreting Additional Verification Query responses, see Additional VIS Responses.