Acceptable Citizenship Verification Provided
(12/01/15 - 01/31/16)
When acceptable verification for U.S. citizenship is provided, key the following on IDCI:
Y in the ID field
ID (AD when an Affidavit Attesting Identity (DE-178) is used) in the VR field
US in the CI field
One of the following in the VR field:
CD for either of the following:
When the participant has provided U.S. citizenship verification.
When AZTECS displays US CIT VER on CLIP and CADO.
AD when an Affidavit Attesting Citizenship (DE-118) is used per instruction from the designated regional staff.
The Document Type Code that indicates the type of document provided for verification of U.S. citizenship in the DOC TYPE field.
NOTE This field is keyed only when citizenship has not been electronically verified.
The above codes allow AZTECS to determine potential eligibility for CA and NA.