40 Quarter Verification
(07/01/09 – 09/30/09)
To request quarters of coverage, complete the following:
On ININ request quarters of earnings through QCRE. Verify the quarters of coverage on QCIN.
Initiate QCRE for individuals whose quarters of earnings may be used and are not included in a budgetary unit. The quarters of earnings may be used in combination with the applicant’s quarters, to total 40 quarters of coverage.
Do not initiate QCRE in the following circumstances:
When it is clear from the interview that the noncitizen cannot meet the 40 quarters of earnings criteria.
When it is clear that the noncitizen, in combination with parents or a spouse(g), cannot meet the 40 quarters of earnings criteria.
NOTE The reason that QCRE was not initiated must be documented in the case file.
SSA responds to the request for quarters of earnings within 48 hours by updating QCIN. QCIN displays a QUARTERS OF COVERAGE pattern by the year and quarter.
The following fields display below the QUARTERS OF COVERAGE pattern:
When 40 quarters of earnings are listed in the QUALIFYING field, the noncitizen meets the Qualified Noncitizen criteria.
When the QUARTERS OF COVERAGE pattern is blank, an edit message displays to indicate the reason.
Codes displayed in the QUARTERS OF COVERAGE pattern indicate undetermined quarters. Undetermined quarters are indicated on QCIN by the following codes:
When a code displays an undetermined quarter, complete the following:
Review other sources for quarters of earning that may be used. (See Accumulating 40 Quarters)
Use undetermined quarters when possible to adjust quarters of earnings using the procedures outlined in QCIN.
Refer the applicant to SSA following the procedures outlined in 40 Qtrs Approval Pending when undetermined quarters are indicated.
When the applicant claims there are quarters not displayed in the QUARTERS OF COVERAGE pattern, see Lag Quarters.
Place a screen print of QCIN in the case file(g).