G ABAWD - Regaining Eligibility
(08/01/16 - 09/30/16)
When a participant loses their NA eligibility because they reached the 3‑month limit, the participant can become eligible again when they:
Work at least 80 hours in any 30‑day period
Participate in a work program for at least 80 hours in a 30day period
Have a combination of work and work program participation for the 80 hours in a 30‑day period
Fit any category of exemption
Enter a new 36‑month period
Work or participate in an employment and training program
NOTE Include the ABAWD participant for NA benefits in the month they meet one of the listed requirements.
The participant can also regain eligibility as many times as they meet an exemption category.
When a participant regains eligibility through work or an employment and training program and then becomes ineligible again, they can only get the one additional 3 month period of eligibility within the 36‑month period. (See ABAWD Extension Period)