.15 Victim of Domestic Violence Exemption
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
Victims of domestic violence may be considered mentally or physically unfit for work and are exempt from the ABAWD work requirements.
Claims of domestic violence may be verified as follows:
When evidence of physical or mental abuse is obvious to staff, documentation in the case file is sufficient for verification purposes.
NOTE When the individual claiming domestic violence presents evidence such as a police report, order of protection, or residence in a shelter or home for victims of domestic violence, the unfitness may be considered obvious.
When the evidence of physical or mental abuse is not obvious, verification may be required. When verification is required, it may be obtained from a medically qualified source. Qualified sources include the following:
Physician’s assistants
Nurses, and nurse practitioners
Designated representatives of a physician’s office
Licensed or certified psychologists
Social workers
Other medical personnel
Key DI in the WERE EXPT RNS FS field.