.12 Homelessness Exemption
(12/01/15 - 01/31/16)
Individuals who are chronically homeless may be considered incapable of working and therefore unfit for work. These individuals are exempt from the ABAWD work requirements.
A homeless budgetary unit is defined as a budgetary unit in which all members meet one of the following criteria:
They do not have a fixed or regular nighttime residence.
The participants have as their primary nighttime residence one of the following:
A supervised shelter designed to provide temporary shelter to homeless persons.
A half-way house or similar institution that provides temporary residence.
A rent free accommodation in the residence of another person for not more than 90 days.
A place not designed, or ordinarily used, for sleeping. This includes, but is not limited to, a car, bus station, hallway, park, sidewalk, etc.
When considering a budgetary unit as homeless due to temporarily living with others, have the applicant provide a statement (See -Participant Statement Verification) regarding the following:
The temporary nature of the residence.
The date they expect to get their own residence.
Consider a residence temporary when the budgetary unit lives there for 90 days or less. When a budgetary unit continues to live in the same residence for more than 90 days, do not consider the budgetary unit homeless.
Homeless applicants may claim to purchase food and prepare it separately from those with whom they live. For additional information see Optional NA Participants.
Key Y in the Homeless Indicator on INDA.
Key DI in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.