.06 Participation in a Drug & Alcohol Program Exemption
(12/01/15 - 01/31/16)
Participants who are receiving treatment as an inpatient or outpatient in a drug or alcohol treatment or rehabilitation program are exempt from the ABAWD work requirements.
Contact the center to verify the anticipated length of participation in the program. From their response, determine the length of the exemption from ABAWD work requirements. When the exemption period is expected to end prior to review, set a free form ACTS alert and document the case file.
NOTE When the length of participation in the program is not known by the center or cannot be anticipated, the participant is exempt until the next NA review.
Key DR in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
When a participant has a minor dependent child, do not consider the participant as an ABAWD. (See Residing With a Minor Child)