B ABAWD – Exemptions
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
ABAWD participants are not subject to a three month time limit when any of the following work registration exemptions apply:
Consider an entire month exempt when an exemption occurs any time during the month.
An ABAWD participant may be determined to have more than one ABAWD exemption. When this occurs, apply the exemption reason that allows the participant an exemption for the longest period first. (See Example ABAWD Exemptions)
When the exemption reason requires verification, the exemption may not be applied until verification is received.
When an ABAWD participant does not meet any of the previously listed ABAWD exemptions, key both of the following to create a referral to SNA E&T:
Key NE (No Exemption) in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
Key RA in the WORW PAR/EXEM FS field