A ABAWD - Work Requirements
(01/01/17 - 12/31/17)
Compliance with ABAWD work requirements means that the participant meets one of the following:
Work 80 hours per month. This includes any combination of paid work, self-employment, volunteer work, or in-kind work. The work hours can be converted.
NOTE In-kind work is defined as work in exchange for food, rent, or other needs.
Key EM in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
Key EV in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field for volunteer work.
Work in which the weekly earnings equal the Federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours, regardless of the number of hours worked.
Key EM in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
Participate and comply 80 or more hours per month in job search or job search training with one of the following programs:
NOTE The SNA E&T Program will coordinate work requirement verification with the WIOA and TAA programs.
Key PC in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field when alerts are received from SNA E &T.
Participants can combine work with employment and training activities, including job search and job search training to meet the 80 hour requirement.
Key EV in the WERE EXPT RSN FS field.
When the participant’s work hours fall below 80 hours per month, it is their responsibility to report the change in accordance with reporting requirements.
When the participant would have worked 80 hours per month but missed some work for good cause, the participant is considered to have met the work requirement. (See Work Requirement Good Cause Exception)