FAA2.M Welfare Reform (WERE/CODC/CODF) : 10 NA Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents – Overview
10 NA Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents – Overview
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
Consider an able-bodied adult without dependents as an ABAWD participant. The ABAWD certification must not exceed three months unless that person is meeting the ABAWD work requirements or an ABAWD exemption.
NOTE When a participant has a minor dependent child, do not consider the participant as an ABAWD. See Residing With a Minor Child
Participants must comply with ABAWD work requirements or meet an ABAWD work registration exemption in order to continue receiving NA.
The three month time limit does not apply to individuals who meet the following criteria:
under 18 years of age
50 years of age or over
physically or mentally unfit for employment
responsible for a dependent child
residing in a household where a household member is under age 18
chronically homeless
victim of domestic violence
receipt of SSI
care for an incapacitated person
participation in a drug or rehabilitation program
applicant or recipient of Unemployment Insurance
participant in other work program
receiving Transitional Benefit Assistance
migrant or seasonal farm worker
All other NA participants are considered ABAWDs.
Policy and procedures regarding eligibility determinations for NA ABAWD participants are outlined as follows: